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The internets are a dangerous place to be, when one has imbibed too much to drive but not enough to rob one of one’s typing ability. I think that computers should come with Breathalyzers- if you’ve overindulged, you cannot access the internets at ALL. Yes. This would save people a great many headaches in the long term. I’ll speak to Cox about it.

I’m rather in awe at the self-serving bitching that comes through on this, reading my old posts. However, this was started more as an exercise in catharsis than anything else, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Still, I had hopes that my content would be worth reading. The best thing I ever posted wasn’t mine. Someone with more talent wrote it. Story of my life.

I think that I’m going to start on a short story. Gothic horror, in the tradition of Poe, written for my eyes only. Plot bunny: A woman sitting at a piano, picking out a haunting transcription of the Suicide Sixth as the house burns itself down about her; yet, despite this, she never once glances from the picture, sitting where the music would- the picture of her deceased love. What a depressing little thing that’ll be. I’ll have to wait, of course, until the alcohol wears off, can’t be getting a WUI from the writing police.


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