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I must say, the catharsis inherent in this kind of thing has limited effectiveness.  Perhaps I’ve merely grown too accustomed to feedback, to pushback, to interaction; whatever it is, this anonymity and separateness has served its purpose and run its course.

I changed my profile picture on facebook to myself and my boyfriend.  Perhaps a meaningless action, but a large one for me, as I had theretofore been far too afraid of losing the approval of others by doing something similar.  It is time for honesty, it is time for truth, it is time to live my life as I know I should live it- openly.  Over spring break, I will tell my younger cousins the truth, and then the rest of my family.  Then, at long last, I will tell my father.  This is necessary, I am finding, to keep my sanity, which has been slowly slipping over the precipice, no matter how hard I claw at the loose shale of this mountain of lies.

Exam week always brings out the best in me.


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