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I, apostate, faggot, accomplished self-denigrator, student and teacher,

Offer you these words of wisdom:

Never begin to create, for the impulse will remain with you long after the skill to do so flees, or is subsumed so deeply by bourgeois concerns that there is simply no opening for the mind to flow through.

Never love, for love is but pain, a cycle of pain that is unbreakable—the causation, acceptance and salvation of which that has been Mankind’s utter torment since we were cast unto this plain to make our fortunes by the unfeeling hand of Evolution.

Never hate, for hatred is a poison which is all-consuming, and it will spill over into all facets of one’s life, including the face that looks you in the mirror, with each line showing the continuing days, and the continuing failures to be as one should, casting aside old assumptions and living life for oneself and no other.

Never mark the passage of time, for it will come upon you suddenly with the advent of an idea, or the crease at the side of your mouth that wasn’t there before, and you will look back and you will regret every ill-considered word, every hasty gesture, every white lie that spiraled out of control into a creature that you don’t have the courage to slay.

Never write while drunk.


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