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To Mother (2007):

Why is it

That when you call, I stiffen

Blood boiling

Spoiling for a fight

My mood turns wroth

My stare, baleful

You badger

Trying to have a connection

Can’t you see?

I have severed it

That part of my life




You are a remnant

Why can you not move?

Move on! Move beyond!

Instead, you drag me down

Into your pit of suffering

You tell me of my life

You can’t see

that you are not in it?


you not move on?

You counsel me

To seek counsel

You think of me

But you see you


Heal thyself.



A newer work:

Untitled (2009):

It’s been



myriad tearful nights

frightful cycles

acceptance vying with


I’ve hurt others


people I care about.

So many mistakes and missteps

I can’t go through


being so unsure


Now I find myself


by the same old fear and



One Comment

  1. Hahaha.. my goal is not to judge you, dearest. I get the feeling you do enough of that for yourself ;]

    These poems have a lot of weight to them, especially the last few lines of the first one. The second poem is what I would put under my file of “need to write something down or I’ll explode from this emotion”. I want to read some your poetry that uses imagery or irony to convey these feelings. It’s funny.. when you’re just typing in conversation, you say things that are the most poetic. Even the post right underneath this one about the changing seasons reads like a poem.

    Maybe I should start a blog again so I can post some of my poetry for some boy states away to eye over and respond to.

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