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So I’m upset that Obama has thrown LGBT rights under the bus. Should have known it though. He’s just so slick, I didn’t realize it was true until he expanded faith-based programs and defended DADT. Oh well.

Watching Iran crumble is proving to be fun. We’re going to have a Tienanmen Square moment here soon, when Khameni decides to use the troops to quell the uprising. Goodbye, “Mandated” Islamic Revolution. Show yourself for the dictatorship by force that you are.

Funny, though, that we are seeing protests in Tehran. The most liberal, educated Iranians are likely to be in Tehran. The countryside? Seems quiet. Those are the people who voted Ahmadinejad in. They like him. So, we’re seeing protests over what is, in all likelihood, a duly elected authoritarian figure. Go democracy!

On a more personal note, I’m broke and don’t have the money to buy my father a father’s day gift. Hell, I may not have the money in gas to get home to see him on father’s day. Oops. Oh well.

Now, internet, I have to go to the library to complete this asinine assignment for my statistics class. Two more days and I’m done. Thank God.


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