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I know that I don’t have regular readers for this blog, and therefore it’s highly unlikely that anyone will get these words that I’m broadcasting.  Which is probably a good thing.

Lets start.  I am nauseated.  I haven’t eaten since 1045 in the morning, and I really just don’t want to.  My boyfriend doesn’t want to see me.  Apparently, I’m “in a bad mood all the time” and I get “pissed at (him)”.  Doesn’t matter that I’m not mad at him and just want to be left the fuck alone, noooo.  I cannot understand this.  He’s the reason that I can’t eat.

I’m running for student senate at my university.  Minority party candidate, opposing the Greek-controlled dominant party.  My district includes frat row, though, so we’re going to get smashed.  It’ll be fun anyway though.  Went to the meeting tonight, had a lot of fun.  Didn’t really contribute all that much, I’m not that up on SG issues, but I’m sure that I’ll learn quick.  I love to have bones to pick.  I don’t know why I told anyone this, no one gives a flying shit.

I just bought a new iPod, the 4th gen nano.  It’ll be so cool when I get it, cause I realize that I spent the money on that rather than pay the electric bill.  American conspicuous consumption at it’s finest, and an example of why our economy is failing.  Like me, people buy things that they don’t need and then they end up fucking themselves.

the ELECTION!  Palin is the biggest hypocritical bitch I have ever had the misfortune to see on a party ticket.  Not only are her views so far right that she makes Falwell look like a liberal, she is without a doubt the worst vice presidential candidate that McCain could have picked.  Goood job on alienating those independents that you wanted so bad, Johnny.  This one’s voting Obama now.

I have a headache.


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