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John McCain just clinched the Republican nomination. Mike Huckabee is out. This is a moment that all of us should celebrate.

But, we don’t celebrate. The Democratic Party is floundering. This is not a good thing for the country, but especially for us. McCain appeals to the independent voters, and now he will have time to consolidate his general election campaign while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama grind each other to pieces upon the rocky shoals of the DNC. They not only have to appeal to the vagaries of voters, but they have to woo the superdelegates, those mystical figures much like the sirens that can lure campaigns to their death like hapless ships upon those selfsame shoals. If the superdelegates go against the general will of the party, it is possible that they will be split in two factions even after the convention. The democrats need to coalesce around one or the other, preferably Obama. Clinton has a slimmer chance of defeating McCain in the general, especially with the independent vote possibly swinging McCain’s way. What they are doing now is suicide, suicide for the whole party. Leave some flaws for the Republicans to exploit, shall we? We don’t need to rip our best candidates apart ourselves.

Mike Huckabee is a masterful politician. Now that he knows that he is out, he is using that oh-so-smooth tongue of his to try and throw some support behind John McCain, his one-time rival, and to try and heal the rift that has divided his party. He called McCain an honorable man, and gave him acclaim for running an honorable campaign because of that. He pledged his help to McCain, and called for the party to unite and for the country to unite, behind McCain. This is quite troubling.

This is what needs to happen in the Democratic Party. One or the other, I would say Clinton, needs to drop out and pledge to help the other. Clinton needs to put her political establishment might behind Obama, they would be unstoppable. The monumental egos of the Democratic Party seem fated to prevent this.

Our hopes and dreams rest upon the Democratic Party. They are our chance to right the social wrongs wrought by the Bush administration and the Republicans in general. They are our shining hope, but they are tarnishing before they can even begin to tap that potential. This election should have been a parade, a triumph of democratic values and the siren song of the republicans. It is turning out to be a fight, a vicious fight for the future of this country. I am not certain that any of the candidates running have the mettle to best the Republicans in it. I thought they did. My confidence has waned, where it should have waxed. Let us unite, before our country is led down into the flames.



  1. I couldn’t disagree more.
    We have a one party system.
    The democrats run on the same monetary and foreign policy. We are in trouble no matter who gets elected.

    Either way we are at war and the economy is in deep doo-doo

  2. I disagree with you there, but I think that the social issues are the ones that need to be addressed here. The shredding of the Constitution, the denial of basic rights, government funding for faith-based institutions, the floundering welfare system and Social Security, which is tanking. I think that either party is going to pull out of Iraq, and I trust John McCain far more then I do Hillary Clinton. I do think that he realizes that we must pull the troops out. He was a goddamned POW, he knows war is hell.

    As for the economy, the government needs to get their mitts off of it and let it right itself. We need to stop bitching about job loss and create new ones. Re-train our workers in service and technical industries, manufacturing is gone no matter how much the lobbyists and unions want to say differently. McCain is the candidate that I feel can do the best out of the Rep. slate we had, I’m glad that he is the nominee. Republicans don’t equal Bush, and I hope that, if McCain wins he can put us back on a Republican economic platform, instead of this Bush bullshit.

    Even if the Dems do win, I think that they can help the economy. Though I don’t really agree with their positions on that, they can’t do worse than Bush.

    However, and this goes back to my earlier statement, I believe that the social issues are the ones that need the most help. The economy is going to have to right itself, that is the nature of our system. We aren’t socialist, we have a classically liberal system that governs itself. People need to remember that. The war is going to have to be handled, but who do you trust to do that? I’m not sure I trust McCain or Obama, and I know damn well I don’t trust Clinton. But, the Democrats are the party that is trying to right the social injustices committed by the Bushes and their Conservative Christian cronies. Consequently, I hope they take the White House.

  3. we do not have a free market system. sorry to burst your bubble.
    do you know how the federal reserve operates? and about the vast regulatory system? we have a mixed economy that is going in the wrong direction (away from free market)

    also, McCain is not pulling out. no candidate is. it is our foreign policy.

    i suggest you look at ron paul’s platform if you really believe what you say. he is the only one with anything remotely promoting what you suggest.

  4. Ron Paul? Are you kidding? Isolationist gold-standard man?

    We will eventually pull out, look at the Democrats. You don’t seem to be looking at the candidates platforms. Perhaps McCain won’t pull out, I just have faith that he is smart enough to realize that we must. Perhaps I am mistaken.

    We are supposed to have a free-market system. We need to remove government regulation and stop whining to the government to fix the problem. The Fed. and the regulatory system didn’t avert this current crisis, because we have a more free-market system. They do not have enough say to guide it completely. I do agree with you though, in that our economy is moving in the wrong direction.

    I’m not saying that any candidate actually has a platform consistent to what I say. I am saying that this is what needs to be done. Is it going to be done? Probably not. I am not a foreign nor domestic policy advisor.


    it’s not isolationism. look into it.
    i would suggest having ron paul explain himself to you so you can make your own decision.

    why would we pull out?
    after building bases? we have bases in half the world. iraq is a very strategic position. always has been.
    there are geopolitical motives. it all ties into our foreign policy. it has nothing to do with iraq.

    politicians lie and mislead. always have, always will. it’s the statesmen you want.
    besides. all you need to do is study history and those involved.

    free trade
    ….well we are not removing regulations. they are growing more dense all the time, our economy is strangled right now because of insitutions like the Fed. they cannot avert the problem because they have aided and abetted the current situation.

    we can talk about specifics. but the proof is in the pudding. politicians are slick. they have a huge agenda, huge bureaucracy, and all the protection in the world…..and they will give a speech highlighting a few points in a easy to understand package with all the right rhetoric.

    it’s all the boring stuff that the majority doesn’t pay attention to that is important.

    the fed….
    inflation=expansion of the money supply

    the fed claims to fight inflation.

    seems odd doesn’t it?

    what is a dollar worth? and why?
    fiat money is only backed by confidence. not a commodity. it is subject to political whim. want to go to war and need a way to pay for it? print the money, (at least you don’t have to pay taxes, inflation is harder to measure and devalues your dollar)
    are people in the world starting to dislike the government and its policies? they stop taking dollars…no problem there, right?

    backed in gold?
    now it has market value.

    Where the Left Goes Wrong on Foreign Policy

    disclaimer: i didn’t proof read

  6. Where are we going to get the gold to back our currency?

    Look back at the Great Depression, if you want to see what can happen to a gold-backed currency. Politicians can twist that to their will as well.

    Go here, and look him up on the issues. Some of his positions I favor, some I do not. However, the point is moot.
    I am not going to debate Rep. Paul with you, because he is not going to be elected. Sad, but that is the way it is. Though I tend more towards Libertarianism myself, I refuse to throw my vote away on a third party candidate. Don’t give me some impassioned spiel, I know that that is a bad attitude. Maybe, if our system changes, it will no longer be a waste. However, I intend to pick the candidate I like most from the field that is going to be elected.

  7. Here is one step towards regaining confidence in the economy.

    Free Competition in Currency Act

    The point about gold is that ‘historically’ it is a hedge against inflation and a reliable store of value. but even more importantly it is a commodity. it has market value. paper dollars are only worth what people decide it is worth. the problem is that government has made it ‘legal tender’. it is a coercive monopoly.

    so it doesn’t have to be gold, although that’s what the US Consitution says is supposed to be legal tender.

    Also, the great depression was caused by the central bank, The Fed. It was not because of free market or gold.

    I basically know Ron Paul’s platform pretty well.

    “Maybe, if our system changes, it will no longer be a waste.”

    Do you expect it to change on it’s own?

    Besides, Ron Paul is not third Party. He is Republican. He is still a candidate until September.

    A lot can happen in 6 months. People are realizing how bad the economy and our national security is. Ron Paul is the only one to show any real understanding of the threat our foreign policy instigates.

    No other candidate is able to give any fundamental explanations as to why our economy is in such bad shape.

    If Ron Paul was the nominee would you vote for him as opposed to Obama or Hillary? (The polls never ask this question)

  8. He is not going to be the nominee, John McCain is and we both know this.

    I don’t think that it will change at all, barring something drastic, the parties are too entrenched.

    I would have to look at Paul in much more detail, if he were indeed the nominee. However, I would probably vote for one of the Democrats, because they are closer to me on social issues. Not all, but some important ones. That is an interesting question, you are correct, no poll asks it.

  9. well that’s refreshing.

    and you are right. mccain does have the nomination sewn up (even though it’s not official until september)
    …short of some catastrophe….
    i could think of a few things that would change the current course pretty quick .lol

    thanx for taking the time to respond.

  10. oh well, with ron paul out it’s official. i hope we can work through the tough times ahead.

  11. oops, i listened to the mainstream. i thought abc said he was out. silly me for believing them.

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