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Why is violence still occurring in this country?  We are the most advanced nation in the world, supposedly.  We lead the world, supposedly.  Yet, people can’t walk down the street without being assaulted.

Slurs are part of daily vocabulary.  Presidential candidates are forced to refute idiotic statements made by utterly detestable people that they don’t even know, for the sake of political efficacy.  The question is, why the hell were the statements made in the first place?  What authority does this man have, or any man, to denigrate another?  Does it not say in the Bible, do unto others as you would have them do unto you?  Does it not say, remove the beam from thine own eye before you remove the mote from thy neighbors?  Listen, people, and stop being hypocritical.

Our government gives money to faith programs, to programs driven by morality, for morality and of morality.  Morality cannot be legislated!  Especially in this nation.  We have protections against that, again supposedly.  However, fundamentalist Christians, Christofascists if you will, have succeeded in legislating their ideas of morality over this supposedly free nation.  Their repressive ideas about sex, sexuality, gender roles, education, you name it it has been legislated.  Where is the outcry against this?  Why is the nation not up in arms to stop this travesty?

I’ll tell you why.  We have become a nation of disparate ethnic minorities and self-centered people.  People don’t identify as American.  They don’t feel like they need to fight for their rights.  They feel that they should be handed them on a silver platter, as if they are something that is given freely.  Rights are not given freely!  They are wrested from the icy grip of tyranny, either by force of words or force of physicality.  We have none of this force.  Our efforts are diffusive, groups that should be working together are fighting each other, and hurting our common goals.

Be ashamed, Americans!  Where are your protests?  Where is your outrage?  Where are the letter writing campaigns?  They are being utilized with great effect by the very people that are legislating their morality and oppressing us all.  Why are they not used just as effectively against them?

Get involved, Americans!  Our country teeters on the brink, and we are all getting a good look at oblivion.  It’ll take all of us to pull it back, all of us working together.  If we can’t do that, we might as well kiss this privileged life goodbye.


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  1. Those who have power and privilege want to make sure that they keep it. That is why they fight so hard to maintain what they say is “moral values.” What they really want to maintain (and unfortunately have the money and power to do so) are “values that put me in a position of power and privilege.” This has nothing to do with what the actual values are. If being green was what gave you money and power, these right-wing, rich Republicans would be defending their greeness as the morally acceptable way of living.

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