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I come, at last, to this, my watchful place,
To the black night and Dreaming’s steady pace.
The Dream, eluding my mind’s desp’rate chase,
Goes on to capture Time in his embrace.
The hands consume the woeful’s clock’s blank face.
I lie awake, Sleep gone without a trace.

My hands on blankets random patterns trace
I hear the echoes in this empty place
My pulse ticks in a vein above my face
A loop of thoughts keeps up incessant pace
I long to take Sleep into my embrace
Exhausted from this hopeless nightly chase.

My mind begins to take those thoughts and chase
Them down so as to take a pen and trace
Those lines of sweet philosophy- embrace
The poignant words that in my mind take place.
In dark of night, my mind rarely keeps pace
With feelings flitting ‘cross my darkened face.

Insomnia, insomnia, thy face,
Is that of mindless inspiration’s chase
Along the barren heath with my heart’s pace
Increasing as the nighttime leaves its trace
Across the sky, great Nyx’s resting place.
The night wears on, new thoughts born to embrace.

I shift, rest gone as endless thoughts embrace
My churning mind assaults Sleep’s mocking face
Lost in this philosophic restless place,
Lucidity, this clarity I chase.
I beg this sleepless night to never trace
A way back, to tomorrow’s nightly pace.

I feel the tread of Sleep’s now slowing pace
He walks beside, I feel his cold embrace
My weary arm his finger cold doth trace
The hands relinquish Time’s blank clockwork face
The hounds lie winded- Sleep’s now-ended chase
Allows them now to rest in this dark place

Oh Sleep, with your slow pace I finally face
Your cold embrace that’s end of weary chase
Here lies your trace, this black and somber place.




  1. Not my poem, a friends. I was very impressed. I’m more of a prose guy, I’m envious.

  2. Hi loved your sestina. where did the inspiration come from. It almost sounds from another century. I lke the reference to NYX. Do you study the classics or greek and roman myths?

  3. It is not actually my work, it is a more poetic friends’. I study greek and roman myth as a hobby though actually.

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