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Tonight’s speech was a disgrace to our nation.  A disgrace.

We watched our President walk in, and speak for an hour.  He berated Congress for not doing as he told them.  He said that he would issue an Executive Order, to all Federal Agencies, not to accept any budget containing earmarks.  Is this legal?

He defended the warrant-less wiretapping, and called for the extension of the wiretapping privleges.  We cannot remove vital information from the hands of our agents, he said.  Another thing that is blatantly unconstitutional.

He spoke about education.  He plead with Congress to set up a program like the Pell Grant system, for schoolchildren.  So that they could use it to “leave our crumbling public school system” and go into faith-based private institutions.  Yes, let’s continue funding No Child Left Behind, AND pull students out of public schools and give them money to go to faith-based institutions.  Don’t invest the money into the school system.  Put it into faith-based education.  Thats also nice and constitutional.  He spoke of the need to “retain America’s edge” in the sciences, globally.  We lost that edge when?  In the 50’s?

He spoke of the economy, and his stimulus package.  He spoke of free trade, naming several countries.  He went on to complain that, while their products flow in freely, ours are taxed heavily.  Simple solution: tariffs.  Not as if America has concrete things to export anyway.

He spoke of our need to reduce our dependence on oil, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.  He advocated the formation of an international organization, purpose: to make its members pledge to reduce greenhouse gases.  All countries must agree, he said, or it will fail.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  We need to invest in clean, renewable technology, and export that technology to the other parts of the world.

We need to reinvest in our workforce, he said.  We need to set funds for re-training our unemployed workers, allowing them to learn new skills and be productive in the global economy.

W e must secure our borders.  Improvements have been made.  Fences have been erected. Policies have changed.  Land has been imminent domain’ed for useless fences, stolen from American citizens.  Fences are going to stop immigrants.  They swam the fucking Rio Grande, and they can’t climb a fence.

He spoke about the need to have “ethical medical research”.  Referencing the discovery of how to transform skin cells to stem cells, he said that we can now have “ethical medical research” while respecting the sanctity of every life.  As if we didn’t throw away 1000’s of frozen embryos each day at fertility clinics.

He spoke about how faith based volunteers are using federal funds to go abroad and spread the good word.  I’m not sure how the HELL we can justify giving Federal money to faith-based initiatives.

He defended the surge, and claims that Iraq is under control.  Iraq has been brought “out of chaos”, by the influx of American troops.

This is a rough summary of many topics that our president addressed tonight.  He took his last State of the Union, his last chance to admit that he fucked up and that he was going to fix it, and blew it.  He talked about state funding for religion.  He defended his illegal wiretapping, his economy-draining war, and his idiotic domestic policies.  I was incensed throughout much of the speech, however, I admire the president for standing his ground.  It takes a strong conviction, or a low intellect, to stay such a losing course.

God, please let Obama win the Presidency.  We need to change.  I just hope that it isn’t too late.


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